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Writing Machine #2

Our students are using their experience from building the first writing machine to design and construct a second version. The goal is to construct a writing device that will draw a shape or design other than a circle. Today our students become part of the quality control department and will inspect and evaluate each other’s devices using a company scoring guide. Check out the video to see some engineering in action!

EY Engineers Construct Writing Machines

Our 4/5 students were presented with a new engineering task today. They are engineers for the company, Write On, Inc. Their task is to build the company’s new prototype writing machine, the Writing Wizard 1000. Today students began construction and testing. On Monday they will finish their devices and then have our quality control (QC) personel (other student teams) assess their work using a company scoring guide. To finish out next week, students will design, build, test, and assess a successor to the Writing Wizard 1000. Check out a few clips of today’s activity.