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Windy STEAM Learning

Over the last two weeks, students have experimented with wind turbine blades. They analyzed the differences in the amount of power generated by different numbers of blades, and then by changing the pitch of the blades. This week they are designing and testing their own blades. They will also compare their constructions with the pre-made blades that come with the wind kits. There is a lot of math happening in this unit!

Wind Energy Unit

Our wind energy unit was wonderful. Thanks to a grant from the VWR Foundation, we were able to purchase 20 Vernier Wind Energy Kits. Students learned about and explored circuits, collected/analyzed voltage and power data, designed turbine blades, experimented variables such as blade pitch, blade quantity, fan speed, resistance, and turbine distance.

Using Data to Make Predictions

More awesome learning about wind energy! Students using data to make predictions!

Investigating Wind Energy!

Our students are now shifting their STEAM learning to the study of energy, mainly through the use of our new Vernier mini-wind kits. The kits were purchased via a grant from the VWR foundation. The program integrates science content, practices, technology, math, and engineering in a very collaborative, hands-on, and engaging way. We will continue this project after winter break.

Wind Turbine Engineering

Our students having been learning about energy since returning from winter break. This week we focused on the renewable energy source- wind. Students used the engineering design process to design, build, test, and improve wind turbines. Vernier energy sensors were used to measure voltage data. Students analyzed their data and evaluated their constructions.

EY 4/5 STEM – Wind Turbine Testing

Our latest project has students building wind turbines and testing them for the amount of voltage (milli volts) they produce. Thanks for Mr. Zirschky for creatively designing and building our testing racks. They work wonderfully. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Byerley (District STEM TOSA) for loaning us Vernier Labquests and voltage probes to use to collect data.