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Water Change Time!

A few times during the trout hatching project, we need to do a partial water change to keep the ammonia levels down. Ammonia levels that are too high are harmful to trout.

Water Change Video Part 1

Water Change Video Part II


The trout eggs have arrived!

2015-01-28 13.07.04Our trout eggs have arrived for our classroom trout hatching program. Thanks to Mrs. Reed’s husband, Mr. Reed, for driving to the Clackamas ODFW office to pick them up. We will begin to observe their daily development, collect and record data, and learn about trout and their ecosystems in the coming week. In a month or so when they reach the fry stage, we will release them in a nearby private pond. Stay tuned for more “developments!”

The eggs have hatched!

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On Tuesday our trout eggs hatched. Thus far the egg mortality has been one egg out of about 1,000 between our two incubators. The trout are in the alevin stage which means they currently have egg sacs attached to their undersides for nourishment. The alevins are very light sensitive right now, and to accomodate this, our incubators are covered with laminated tagboard. Our students in teams of two are testing the incubators for ammonia and pH levels as well as recording temperature data and observations. Stay tuned for more fishy developments.

Trout Observation and Dissection

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We kicked off our salmon science unit with a bang! Yesterday afternoon our students participated in a true hands-on experience by observing and dissecting rainbow trout. Students learned about the features and functions of the eternal and intermal parts of the fish. The fish were provided courtesy of Mrs. Mapes and her neighbor Bill Koepke. Mr. Keopke obtained the fish from the Sportsman’s Expo in Portland this past week. Big thatks to Mrs. Mapes and Bill!  We will be studying the species, anatomy, salmon life cycle, and habitat over the next few weeks. Look for posts about our classroom fish hatching project coming very soon.

Rainbow Trout Dissection

Rainbow_TroutOn Monday, February 11th, our 4th and 5th grade students will be participating in our annual observation and dissection of rainbow troutas part of our Trout/River Ecosystem Unit. Since this activity will be a bit messy, we are requesting that all students wear appropriate clothing. If you would prefer to not have your child take part in this activity, we will assign an alternate related activity that will count for full credit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.