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Solar Oven Testing

We used the last truly warm day this fall to test out the solar ovens. After 20 minutes in the sun, some of the temperature probes measured 160+ degrees inside! Thank you again, to Renee at Newberg’s Pizza Hut for donating the boxes students used to make their ovens.

Testing Solar Ovens on a Sunny Morning!

The fog lifted and sunny skies prevailed this morning, which allowed us to test our solar ovens. Last week students constructed solar ovens using pizzas boxes (Thanks McKenzie Evers for your help with that part!). Our students have been learning about energy transfer, and this activity is great for learning about solar energy, science inquiry, and a few engineering design skills as well. As with the other labs we’ve been conducting, this project used Vernier temperature probes to collect data. Part of that process also involves data analysis to see the big picture. We plan to keep the solar ovens this year and perhaps use them in May or June on a warm day for a follow up activity.

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