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Pacific NW Sea Explorers Videos

2014-02-19 10.12.24Our 4th and 5th graders have worked very hard the last few weeks researching sea explorers in depth and transforming their learning into some wonderful videos. Students learned and used the iMovie iPad app for their video projects, and for background music, they used freeplaymusic, which provides free audio for educational use.

View Sea Explorers Videos!

Sea Explorers Unit

Col River_ lewis_clarkFor social studies and writing, our students have been learning about Pacific Northwest sea explores. Since mid-December, they have been reading biographies as well as writing summaries, captain’s logs, acrostic poems, and friendly letters. This week, our students have started work on a research project that will eventually become an iMovie presentation about a sea explorer. Students have learned how to conduct effective key word searches using Google, and they are presently engaged in research about their explorer. After the student groups complete their research, they will begin to construct their video projects. So, stay tuned for some videos coming your way!