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Science Inquiry with Temperature Probes

Our students engaged in an introduction to using Vernier Temperature Probes used for collecting and analyzing data. In the coming weeks students will using technology for science inquiry investigations and engineering projects.

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Robotics – The first three weeks

We are well underway with our robotics unit. Students first engaged in a science inquiry project with a coaster car. Using their data from their car, students completed a work sample which included describing the investigation, generating a hypothesis, displaying their data (graphing), and analyzing the results.

The second phase of robotics is learning programming. First year students are using our Lego RCX kits and second year students are using Lego NXT kits. Both kits are quite a bit different from each other in regard to parts, assembly, and programming. ¬†After learning the basics on how to program a robot, both groups are presented with a challenge of having their robots follow a black line course. We held a competition on Thursday and we were very impressed with our students’ programming, construction, cooperative work skills, effort, and attitude.

Next up, the Can Do challenges. Tune in soon.

See pics of Coaster Car and Line Follower Projects.

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