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Volcano Wikis

mauna loaFourth graders have been reading about geology in our language arts class. One of the writing activities was to research one of three volcanoes (Tambora, Mauna Loa, or the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park). Students used information from their language arts textbook and at least one website to create a wiki entry. They learned to search for photos that are licensed for reuse and also reviewed citing sources. Using Google Docs, students typed up their wikis using fonts and formatting that would make the information easy to read. Not only did they learn about a volcano, they now have an entirely new appreciation for what goes into making the web pages that they visit to find information!

Click here to view the Volcano Wikis


Bridge Research

Our students are hard at work researching various notable bridges from around the world. They will use this information for a compare/contrast essay in the next few weeks. They are using the PBS Building Big website as a resource for this unit of study.

National Inspirer Geography Project

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Today our students picked up where they left off in December with the geography software program, National Inspirer. This is a group simulation in which student groups travel across the US, and in the process try to pass through states with certain attributes, such as cotton production, population density, lumber production, and elevation, to name a few. The program requires students to analyze several different US maps in order to plan the most productive route. The simulation will conclude on Thursday.