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Science Inquiry with Temp Probes

We started up the new year focusing on science inquiry skills using Vernier temperature probes. Students are learning how investigations are designed and conducted. Using the temperature probes, our students are learning how to form a hypothesis, read data in charts and graphs, and they are analyzing data as well.

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What’s new in science?

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After working hard on our US Regions study and video, we switched back to science. Mrs. Reed has been teaching both homerooms a geology unit. Students in her science class are studying the rock cycle, the water cycle, watersheds, and layers of the Earth through many hands-on, high interest activities. Mr. Evers has been teaching a magnetism unit primarily through the use of Vernier magnetic probes, which are connected to laptops that run graphing software. These units also integrate writing skills as our students have also been learning how to write up scientific investigations.