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Portland Bridge Tour

Walking Portland Bridge Tour today: Our tour guide, Nathan Hoover (, took us from ODOT to the Burnside Bridge, Steel Bridge, Vera Katz Esplanade (a floating walkway), & Union Station for lunch. Next, our buses took us up to the OHSU tram which we rode, then he led us across the new Tilikum Crossing bridge. Altogether it was somewhere between 5-7 miles of walking. The students loved it, and should sleep well tonight


Portland Bridge Tour

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What an awesome tour of Portland’s bridges today! Thanks to our amazing tour guide, Nathan Hoover, our students took their knowledge of bridge design to a whole new level, and they came away with a wealth of history about Portland’s bridges. Among the highlights of this tour included an inside look at how ODOT’s highway cam system works and an inside and topside tour of the Morrison Bascule Bridge. This included an up-close and personal view of the draw bridge in action. Our students also took a stroll on the Broadway Bridge and put in a few miles in some interesting places along the Waterfront and the Union Station area.