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Plant Package Industry Partner Project

Today our students took a virtual field trip via Facetime to TRIPAQ manufacturing. The company manufactures a wide range of custom package products. Mrs. Liddle is the sister of former EY teacher, Mrs. Johnston. She works for TRIPAQ, and she hosted our trip through the processes of package design, package graphics, and the mass production of packaging solutions for many products. This experience falls right in line with our current design engineering project on designing plant packages. Following our tour, students designed and created plans with specifications for plant package corrugated shipping boxes. They sent their plans to TRIPAQ, who in turn will use the plans to create boxes and ship them to us for assembly. A big thanks to Mrs. Liddle, Mrs. Johnston, and all involved at TRIPAQ who are volunteering their time for this project.  Cool stuff! Stay tuned.

Plant Package Engineering

Over the past few weeks, our students in groups pursued the question, “How can we use our knowledge of plant and consumer needs, materials, and the Engineering Design Process to design and improve a plant package?”