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Poolside Perimeter and Area

anderson2EY Parent, Brody Anderson, was a guest speaker and teacher in our 4th grade math class today. He shared how he uses math skills such as area and perimeter in his swimming pool construction business, Anderson Poolworks. Students had the opportunity to calculate the area and perimeter of different swimming pool designs including one of their own. Our kids were fascinated and had many questions involving how math is used in pool construction. Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for taking time to meet with us today.


Multiplication, Volume, and Angles, oh my!

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We’ve hit the ground running in our math classes after winter break. Our fourth graders are building upon their multiplication skills and area concepts and are now learning 2×2 digit multiplication from both the algorithmic and conceptual perspective. Our students will apply this learning to more complex area and perimeter problems as well as with problem solving skills.

In our fifth grade classes, Mrs. Reed’s class is applying their area, perimeter, and multiplication skills toward their understanding of surface area and volume. Instruction includes a lot of hands-on learning to best understand the concepts and will include a box measuring project next week. Fifth graders, Remember to bring your boxes by Friday!

In Mrs. Reohr’s class, her students will be participating in hands-on learning and the protractors will be out in full force as her students work with measuring angles and triangles.