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Robotics and the “M” in STEM

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Our students have had a busy week with robotics. Aside from learning programming commands, they are getting a good work out with the “M” in STEM by recording data, learning about percentages, calculating averages, measuring metric distances, and graphing data. Students are also learning about collaboration skills as well as steps in problem solving through obstacles such as software issues and programming errors.

Next week students will begin exploring light sensors and they will be presented with a challenge project that will culminate with a competition on May 31st. More on that will be posted soon!

It’s Robotics Season Again!


2016-05-02 10.15.04It’s already that time of year! Students are building their training bots today and will start programming tasks this week and they will soon be exploring how to use light sensors.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Down and Back Robotics Challenge

Our final robotics challenge involved robotics teams using a touch sensor. Robots were programmed to travel a distance and touch a 2×4. When contact was made with the programmed touch sensor, the robot had to turn around and travel another distance to some cones. Sections of the 2×4 as well as the cones were worth various point values. Our students did a great job this year with their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and citizenship.

Today’s final results”
1st – Hunky Bow
2nd – Mr. Hippo
3rd – Blue Thistle

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…from a NXT robot’s perspective

This is what our robot’s see when they travel the line follower course.

Can Do Challenge Results

Yesterday we finished out robotics unit in style with the Can Do Challenge. In this competition, students programmed robots with light sensors to stay within a ring and knock pop cans out of the ring in three minutes or less. This year’s group of students did a fantastic job in design, programming, and collaboration, and it led to a great competition. Congratulations to every team for a great effort this year.

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Can Do Robotics Challenge, Coming Soon!

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Our students have been working hard to learn Lego NXT programming, and they are currently becoming proficient with light sensor programming. On June 9, at 1:30 pm, our 4th/5th grade robotics teams will be participating in the “Can Do Robotics Challenge.” The competition will last approximately and hour and 15 minutes. Parents are welcome to attend and come and go as they wish.

It’s Robo Time!

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It’s that time of year again! We broke out the robotics kits this week and are excited to launch into some new STEM challenges. In the coming weeks our 4th and 5th graders will learn programming with NXT software, tackle mathematical challenges, and use light sensors to meet a challenge in a competition. Stay tuned for more!