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National Inspirer

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This software program is an oldy but a goody. Using just one computer per classroom, students are given a state of origin, two resources, and an ending destination requirement. Using this information, student groups plot a ten-state course through adjacent states, all the while trying to travel through as many states which possess the sought-after resources. The process repeats over seven rounds. Throughout the activity, students must be good collaborators, communicators, and problem solvers as they must use multiple maps to make their decisions.


National Inspirer Geography Project

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Today our students picked up where they left off in December with the geography software program, National Inspirer. This is a group simulation in which student groups travel across the US, and in the process try to pass through states with certain attributes, such as cotton production, population density, lumber production, and elevation, to name a few. The program requires students to analyze several different US maps in order to plan the most productive route. The simulation will conclude on Thursday.