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Reflex Math Program Trial


We are excited to pilot a 30-day trial online personalized learning math fact fluency program called Reflex Math Fact Fluency, which is intended to supplement our math instruction. Students will engage in the program at school 3-4 times a week. Students can also access the site home for math fact fluency practice using the following link:

Reflex Math Log in


Math Fact Practice

math02Math fact mastery is essential for success with mathematics in the intermediate grades. Students can practice math facts in a number of ways.

  • flashcards
  • oral practice (ie- on the way to soccer practice)
  • Moby Math (if students can remember their logins from last year)
  • Free online websites (see 4/5 links tab)
  • Apps (see Classroom iPad Apps tab)


So, take a few minutes each day and practice your facts. You will be pleased with your progress and how much it will help you in 4/5!

Students! Participate in our survey!