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Terrific Kid Award


Congratulations to Calle, a fourth grader in Mrs. Reed’s homeroom class! She was awarded the Kiwanis Terrific Kid Award in October. Calle was recognized for her excellent work ethic and responsibility not only this year, but over the past three years.


Kiwanis Terrific Kid Award 2013

joy_kiwanisEach year the Newberg Kiwanis Club recognizes Newberg students from each elementary school for their excellence in the classroom. At their November meeting, Ewing Young fifth grade student, Joy A., was recognized for her outstanding work ethic and exceptional writing skills.  Presenting the award was former EY principal, Mr.  Purcell. Also on hand with Joy were EY principal, Mr.  Milner, EY Teacher, Mrs. Reed, and Joy’s mother.


Brandon, Terrific Kid!

Each year the Kiwanis Club of Newberg honors a student from each school in our district with the Terrific Kid award.  This year’s representative from EY is Brandon from Mr. Evers’ classroom. Brandon  is a great example of a “Terrific Kid.” Before the school year started, Brandon set some very high goals for himself. One of these has been to complete and turn in his work on time, and thus far Brandon has done a very good job of keeping up with his schoolwork. Another major goal of Brandon’s is to be a very responsible citizen. After eight weeks of school, Brandon’s behavior and attitude has been excellent. Many students and staff have taken notice of how Brandon has stayed true to his goals. Congratulations, Brandon.