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Jamestown Simulation

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Students in 4/5 became colonists at Jamestown. They had five days in which to build settlements and to complete necessary tasks such as farming, hunting, well digging, and exploring. Our students quickly discovered that there was not enough time, and they found the same stress that colonists experienced long ago. We will be continuing more simulations centered around colonizations and the American Revolution.


Colonial America Simulation

This week our 4/5 students have been working in small groups representing the colony of Jamestown settlers trying to survive in the New World. During this task, students have to manage their time and money wisely in order to complete tasks that represent storing food and building a fort. The objectives of this simulation are for students to become familiar with the primary figures of early colonization and understand the motivations that influenced the formations of the first colonies. Also, the simulation is designed for students to develop empathy with the challenges faced by the earliest European Americans.

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