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Fourth graders are using iPads to learn about symmetry with the Geoboards app (which is free by the way).

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Pine Tree 2013 Videos

pinetreeOur 5th grade reading group read an old tale by Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Pine Tree.” Students spent a over a week engaged in some in depth reading of the selection focusing on the evolving theme of story, character analysis, vocabulary, and story structure. The culminating activity was to create a video using iMovie on the iPads which represented the story that included free-use photos, story captions, and free-use music. Please take a few moments to view their work.

View Pine Tree Videos!

Oregon Native American Groups Narrative Slideshows

oregonOur students completed these projects in the fall, but due to some technical complications involving the 30 Hands app, the new ios, and youtube, we had to wait for the app to update before posting. So, better late than never, here are our students’ slideshows. Take a look when you have a moment. Students conducted their own research, worked in groups to plan, used ipads to capture images, and used the 30 Hands app to compile the images and record narratives.

Oregon Native American Groups Narrative Slideshows link

Pacific Northwest Geography Haiku Deck Projects

mthoodOur students have studied the geography of the Pacific Northwest since the beginning of the school year. Follow the link to check out their slideshow projects developed on ipads.

Pacific Northwest Geography Haiku Deck Projects