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Trout Hatching Time!

Our Salmon are Hatching!

Some salmon eggs in both of our classroom incubators are beginning to hatch. Take a look at a few of our new alevins!

The Trout are Hatching!

Our rainbow trout are beginning to hatch today! If you look closely, you will see the tail fins (caudal fins) emerging out of some of the egg sacs. More pics and video forthcoming in the upcoming days!

Our Salmon are Hatching!

Our chinook salmon eggs are beginning to hatch.  Unlike our previous trout egg hatches in which most eggs hatch in a single day, the chinook eggs are gradually hatching. Over the past two weeks our students have conducted daily water tests and observations, used math to calculate hatch date predictions and survival rates, learned about food chains and webs, and they are currently creating scale drawings of salmon. In the coming weeks we will study energy and learn how salmon and energy needs must coexist.