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Drop Tower Followup Visit


Mark Weislogel of PSU made a follow-up visit to our school today. He showed the students the videos made of each group’s experiment in the Dryden Drop Tower (posted here–most in slow motion) and helped them to figure out the science behind what they observed. He also reminded them that experiments that appear to be “duds” still teach us important things. What an amazing experience Mark has provided for our students!

You can see many of the drop tower project videos and more on Mrs. Reed’s Teacher Facebook Page!


Dryden Drop Tower

Our students engaged in some great STEM experiences yesterday at Portland State University. Engineering professor Mark Weislogel led our students in desiging anti-gravity experiments that were later placed in the Dryden Drop Tower. The experiments were videotaped during the drop and will be shown to our students before the end of the year in slow motion for analysis. Students also designed their own parachutes using what they learned from a STEAM unit earlier this year. They dropped their parachutes from 5 stories, with accuracy and the longest flight being the goals to reach.

PSU Dryden Drop Tower Field Trip

Wow! Our students had a great time and learned so much on our field trip to Portland State University’s Dryden Drop Tower in the school’s engineering building. The purpose was for students to explore the effect of a weightless environment on various objects. Under the guidance of PSU professor Mark Weislogel and several of his students, our students designed experiments that were dropped from the Drop Tower and captured on video for analysis at a later date when¬†the video files are¬†compiled. Our students also received guided tours of the data center, International Space Station control center, and rocket lab. Thank you, Mark, for a great experience.!

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