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Drawing Machines

Last month students got to do one of our favorite projects: Drawing Machines. This project allows students to experience energy transfer–chemical to electrical to mechanical energy. The conversations that happen feature deep, creative thinking. This is problem solving disguised as an engineering project!

Drawing Machine Collaboration with GFU Staff and Students

Ashley Lippard, parent of 2 of our students and professor at George Fox University, brought some of her design students to our rooms today. They helped our students to create a branding and logo for their drawing machines. What a way fun way for our students to close out this project and to be exposed to some possible career choices if product design has sparked their interest!

How Does a Drawing Machine Work?

Here is a video clip showing a drawing machine in action.

Drawing Machines

Can you make a drawing machine using only a cup, mini motor, AA battery, eraser, 4 popsicle sticks, 2 alligator clips, foil, paper clips, masking tape, and markers? Our students can!