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Science Inquiry with Temp Probes

We started up the new year focusing on science inquiry skills using Vernier temperature probes. Students are learning how investigations are designed and conducted. Using the temperature probes, our students are learning how to form a hypothesis, read data in charts and graphs, and they are analyzing data as well.

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Students collect real data on Primate Center field trip

primate data

Our students participated in a wonderful field trip yesterday at the Primate Center. Upon arrival our students viewed video clips and learned about of various behaviors of the monkeys from Diana Gordon, the Educational Outreach Coordinator. From there, the students paired up and received clipboards and data sheets. Later, student pairs selected a monkey to observe, and they recorded behavioral data in 15 second intervals for 4 minutes. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to practice science skills in a real setting with meaningful data. After touring the complex and viewing the monkeys, we returned to the auditorium and were treated to a great presentation by Diana Takahashi about her research regarding how high fat diets in expecting mothers affect offspring. Overall,  it was a fabulous learning experience for our students, chaperones and teachers. Thanks to Diana and Diana for the opportunity, and a big thanks to our chaperones who did a great job.

While we were not able to take pictures inside the complex, below is a video clip of one of the research center’s most famed monkey, Trapper.