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“Can Do” Robotics Competition

This year’s “Can Do” robotics project and competition was fantastic. We were particularly amazed at this year’s group’s engineering design skills and creative thinking. Also impressive was the excellent collaboration skills during class time. Our competition this year was very intense with several robots performing at high levels and the competition was very close. When all was said and done, the final results in the final round were as follows:

  • First Place- “Bubby III”, 11.81 sec
  • Second Place- “Robo Joe”, 23.69 sec
  • Third Place- “Snowman”, 25.76

Next, students will explore ultrasonic sensors!

Saving Fred

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This week our students engaged in an engineering/problem solving experience, which included heavy doses of communication, collaboration, and creativity. The task was to save Fred (a gummy worm) who flipped hisĀ boatĀ (an upside down plastic cup). Using only paper clips, students worked to place a life preserver (a life saver) on Fred, and return him to his uprighted boat.