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Line Follower Challenge Results

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Today our students competed in the Line Follower Robotics Challenge. This was a particularly difficult challenge, and while all robots did not complete the course, each group has displayed excellent engineering and problem solving skills. We had several robots that completed the course in impressive times. The final results are as follows.

1st Place – Stewie (16.66 sec)

2nd Place- Dumbo (17.71 sec)

3rd Place – Alvin the Great (18.69 sec)

Coding in Math

Our fourth graders have been learning about measuring angles, and they have been working on several projects to demonstrate their learning. This week we are exploring the coding program Hopscotch and using knowledge about angle measurements to write code to create various shapes. It’s been a great learning experience for both the students and their teacher!

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Close Reading about Sharks

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We have been infusing STEM in our language arts classes. Our fourth and fifth grade reading classes have been reading about great white shark population recovery in a Weekly Reader edition and a related National Geographic article. Students have been analyzing the vocabulary words of the National Geographic article as well as analyzing the similarities and differences between the two articles. Students will be using the OCEARCH website, which was mentioned in the Weekly Reader, and using it to collect data and track shark migration.

Close Reading Strategies

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EY teachers have been implementing the new Common Core standards in reading this year by teaching close reading strategies. Students engaged in these strategies can often be observed reading for deeper meaning, searching for evidence to back up their claims, and comparing and contrasting with other related texts. Over the past few days our graduate-level student teacher from George Fox, Miss Heselwood, led our 5th graders through reading two texts, one from a Weekly Reader edition and the other from a National Geographic for Kids article, about the national decline in honeybee populations. Students worked in teams to find five reasons for their decline using the Weekly Reader article. On the second day, they used both articles for comparing and contrasting information. They created Venn Diagrams and compared and contrasted information they learned from the articles about the bee population decline. To conclude, each team presented what they learned.