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STEM – Insulated Cup Project

Last week our students engaged in our first STEM activity this year. Student groups were given the task of developing a hot beverage cup that would be a good insulator. Specifications were to use materials supplied in the classroom, not include a lid, and fit in a typical car cup holder. Each group collaborated to generate and sketch ideas and write a proposal. Once their proposals were submitted, students began construction. Chapters Books generously donated sixty 16 oz paper cups for our project, which enabled us to provide each group with two cups to use for the activity.

The day following construction, each group used  Vernier temperature probes along with either a Labquest handheld (borrowed from MVMS) or laptop to record, monitor and analyze data (starting temp, ending temp, and temp difference after 5 min) . After recording data, our students analyzed the data collected in a spreadsheet to find out which student group cups were the best insulators, and why they were so effective.

Parents will be able to view the students’ cups  on Back to School Night along with the their analysis work.

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