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Final Bridge Projects

Bridge Unit Final Task: Create a bridge that spans a 10 inch canyon using only 20 pieces of 9″x12″ construction paper & pieces of masking tape. Bridges are then tested using a force sensor to see if they can withstand up to 60 Newtons. It is exciting to see evidence of all the students have learned!

Bridge Engineering

Students have spent December & January learning about different types of bridges. They built models of them, tested them, analyzed the strong/weak points of each type, and then wrote about their discoveries.

Portland Bridge Tour

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What an awesome tour of Portland’s bridges today! Thanks to our amazing tour guide, Nathan Hoover, our students took their knowledge of bridge design to a whole new level, and they came away with a wealth of history about Portland’s bridges. Among the highlights of this tour included an inside look at how ODOT’s highway cam system works and an inside and topside tour of the Morrison Bascule Bridge. This included an up-close and personal view of the draw bridge in action. Our students also took a stroll on the Broadway Bridge and put in a few miles in some interesting places along the Waterfront and the Union Station area.

Engineering and Writing

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Even though our students spend a lot of time engaged in hands-on STEM, they also apply what they learn in various forms of writing. During our bridge engineering unit, students respond to questions posed about their engineering experiences. Throughout the unit, students are gathering force data and are applying it in their written responses. In addition to writing, students also include detailed diagrams of the bridges they build.

Civil Engineer visits EY

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Mr. Barry Myers, a former EY parent and a civil engineer from Engineered Monitoring Solutions in Newberg, visited our intermediate classes to explain the process bridge strength testing yesterday. He started with a slideshow of different bridge types and how sensors are used to monitor and test bridge strength. Later, Mr. Myers provided time for some students to test the bridge sensors to learn how they work.

Bridge Research

Our students are hard at work researching various notable bridges from around the world. They will use this information for a compare/contrast essay in the next few weeks. They are using the PBS Building Big website as a resource for this unit of study.