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Water Change Time!

A few times during the trout hatching project, we need to do a partial water change to keep the ammonia levels down. Ammonia levels that are too high are harmful to trout.

Water Change Video Part 1

Water Change Video Part II


Active Alevins

Our chinook salmon alevins are starting to become quite busy in their little worlds. Activity is increasing everyday in both incubators. Ammonia levels have been a concern so we have changed out the water several times. Thanks to Mr. Segundo who has hauled in numerous five gallon buckets of water from our well pumphouse on several chilly mornings. You will note a clearing in the rocks. This is where we dumped in the new water from the buckets. It is interesting to see how the salmon alevins react to it. Stay tuned for more developments!

The eggs have hatched!

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On Tuesday our trout eggs hatched. Thus far the egg mortality has been one egg out of about 1,000 between our two incubators. The trout are in the alevin stage which means they currently have egg sacs attached to their undersides for nourishment. The alevins are very light sensitive right now, and to accomodate this, our incubators are covered with laminated tagboard. Our students in teams of two are testing the incubators for ammonia and pH levels as well as recording temperature data and observations. Stay tuned for more fishy developments.