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Salmon Eggs are Hatching!

Some of classroom chinook salmon eggs are hatching in all three of our classroom incubators, and we expect the rest to follow very soon into the alevin stage. Our goal is to release our salmon in Hess Creek, where we held our outdoor school, sometime either mid December or the first full week of January. Stay tuned for more “development!”

To see a video clip of our eggs and newly-emerged alevins, click the following link. You will need a Facebook account and will need to join the Classroom Salmon and Trout Hatching group page.

Trout Hatching Time!

Active Alevins!

Our salmon eggs are now very active alevins. Notice their large egg sacs attached to their undersides that provide nutrients until they can feed on their own in the wild. It will be fun to see their development after Thanksgiving break!

The Salmon are Hatching!

Trout Hatching Project

Last week we received our rainbow trout eggs from the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. The eggs originated from the Roaring River fish hatchery near Scio, Oregon. It did not take the eggs long to hatch. We were greeted this morning with two incubators full of 500 smiling alevins (trout with egg sacs attached) and all seem to be doing well. Over the next month students will study how trout (and other organisms) survive in ecosystems as how organisms’ external structures their functions help aid survival. More pics coming soon!


Trout eggs ready to be placed in the incubator.


Hatched trout eggs.

Growing Alevins

Our alevin friends have grown a bit since the last video clip. All along, we have been learning about salmon survival rates, external features, and life cycles. Students have started research about salmon species will be writing reports after Thanksgiving break. In December we have some exciting plans regarding learning about stream surveys and stream engineering as well as releasing our finned friends.

Alevins Everywhere!

All of our eggs have hatched in both of our incubators. Our students have noticed that the alevins behave differently between both incubators as one has more gravel spread out than the other.  

Our Salmon are Hatching!

Some salmon eggs in both of our classroom incubators are beginning to hatch. Take a look at a few of our new alevins!

Trout Observation Video #2

Here’s an aerial view of our trout, which are now in the alevin stage. The hatched trout now have an egg sac attached to their undersides. It is their source of nourishment for the next few weeks until they are ready to be released.

Classroom Chinook Update

Our chinook salmon alevins are growing fast and they’re making good progress with their swimming lessons. We’re looking at releasing them sometime during the week of December 16th as they transition to the fry stage. More information will be forthcoming regarding when and where we will release them, as well as a request for some parent help at the release site.