SRC Reading

We are excited to continue implementing our motivational independent reading program, Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) with an updated program and home access.  We know the importance research places on wide reading because it builds reading stamina, knowledge in the content areas, and is the best way to improve a child’s vocabulary.

This program allows students to read and take quizzes on the books they have read to get immediate feedback on their understanding.  It will also give them the opportunity to track their progress and retake any unsuccessful quizzes (less than 70%).  The students can now take their reading comprehension tests at home!

Teachers will be able to monitor the independent reading success of their students through accessing reports on SRC.  These books should be at the student’s independent reading level which is 100 Lexile below or 50 Lexile above their tested Lexile. (Your student knows their current Lexile.)

Find these links on the EY Symbaloo:

Take an SRC Quiz:

Check the lexile level of a book


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