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Early American Civilizations

Our 5th graders have been taking deep dives into learning about Early American Civilizations, namely the Aztec, Inca, and Maya cultures. Students are currently conducting research, writing explanatory paragraphs, and publishing Codex Books. Show in these photos, students are collaborating on inferential questions related to a text chapter’s “Big Idea.”

2016 “24” Competition

Ewing Young was well represented by seven students at the district’s annual 24 math competition. Fourth graders Jonas, Norris, and Ty along with fifth graders, Emily, Gracie, Grant, and Ronak, joined over 80 other students from around the district. All students had to use their quick mental math skills to make four digits total 24. Ty, Emily, Grant, & Ronak all qualified for the quarter-finals, with Ty, Emily, and Ronak advancing to the semi-finals. Special congratulations go to Ty and Emily for placing 2nd in their respective grade levels!

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Oregon Native American Groups Audio Slideshows

For the past several weeks our students have been researching, note taking, illustrating, and summarizing information about Oregon’s Native American Groups. With this information, they created in groups audio slideshows using the app 30 Hands to demonstrate what they learned. Below are some photos of the projects in development. Scroll down further and you will find links to the projects!

Project Links

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 8

Group 10

Group 11

Group 12

Group 13

Group 14

Group 15

Group 16

Group 17

Group 18

Oregon National Primate Research Center (OHSU) Field Trip and Class Presentation

Used from Oregon Primate Research Center website.

Used from Oregon Primate Research Center website.

On Friday, May 22nd, our students will be taking a trip to the Oregon Primate Research Center, which is part of OHSU. Students will need to either bring a sack lunch with a disposable drink container, OR order a sack lunch through the cafeteria. A field trip permission slip was sent out with our students today. 

On Tuesday, May 12th we will have an interactive presentation with Diana Gordon, the Education Outreach Coordinator for the Research Center. She will give a 45 minute presentation helping students and any interested parents understand biomedical research: what it is, why we do it, and why we need to use animals. She will be presenting to Mr. Evers’ class at 1:30 pm and Mrs. Reed’s class at 2:20 pm.

For the field trip we will need several chaperones. If we have more people interested than we can take, parents will be chosen by lottery on May 7th. If you are interested in chaperoning, please fill out the section indicated on the field trip permission form, which was handed out to students today.

National Inspirer

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This software program is an oldy but a goody. Using just one computer per classroom, students are given a state of origin, two resources, and an ending destination requirement. Using this information, student groups plot a ten-state course through adjacent states, all the while trying to travel through as many states which possess the sought-after resources. The process repeats over seven rounds. Throughout the activity, students must be good collaborators, communicators, and problem solvers as they must use multiple maps to make their decisions.

Colonial Battles Simulation

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Yet another simulation our students engaged in was one focused on colonial battles. Students played the roles of British and Colonial soldiers and participated in seven battles designed so that students would understand the details about each battle and an overall perspective of the Revolutionary War.

The King’s M&M’s

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Recently our students learned about Britain’s taxation of the Colonists by participating in a simulation titled “The King’s M&M’s.” Most students assumed the roles of colonists while a few played the roles of the King, Parliament, and the tax collectors. Students felt the effects of colonial taxation first hand as they were taxed for various reasons and had to pay with their M&M’s.

Jamestown Simulation

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Students in 4/5 became colonists at Jamestown. They had five days in which to build settlements and to complete necessary tasks such as farming, hunting, well digging, and exploring. Our students quickly discovered that there was not enough time, and they found the same stress that colonists experienced long ago. We will be continuing more simulations centered around colonizations and the American Revolution.

Geotechnical Engineer Visit

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April Hammer, a Newberg resident and geotechnical engineer, visited both of our 4/5 classes yesterday. Mrs. Hammer shared her work as a geotechnical engineer working in both eastern and western Washington. Her work involved gathering and analyzing soil samples to help aid the proper structural designs for buildings in certain areas. Students were treated to an interesting slide presentation as well as a demonstration of what her work involved. Her presentation was an excellent reinforcement to our recent geology studies.

Constitution Preamble Projects

Constitution_We_the_People Recently, our 4/5 students learned about the Preamble of the Constitution and demonstrated their learning in groups by constructing slideshows on the iPad using the app, Haiku Deck. Click on the link below to view their work!