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Paige Van Zant visit

paige-vzToday EY 4th and 5th graders were treated to a special visitor today. UFC Fighter and Dancing with the Stars dancer, Paige Van Zant, met with our students to talk about bullying. Thank you, Paige, for taking time from your busy schedule to share an important message with our students. A special thanks, too, for Mrs. Randolph. She is Paige’s aunt and put in a lot of time organizing Paige’s visit, students’ questions, and a slideshow.


End-of-School-Year Event Volunteers


Help! We have several “big” events next week that will require volunteer support, and we are short on help. If you can lend a hand, please contact the EY Office (503.554.4750). Thanks!

Wednesday, June 15th– Science Day Camp

  • Volunteer Training and Set-Up (in gym) @ 11:30
  • Group A- Kinders and First Graders     12:10-1:00
  • Group B- Second and Third Grades     1:10-2:00
  • Group C- Fourth and Fifth Grades       2:10-3:00

Thursday, June 16th– Ewing Young Family BBQ Lunch Times

  • K-1st lunch and recess:  11:15-12:00
  • 2nd-3rd lunch and recess: 12:00-12:45
  • 4th and 5th lunch and recess: 12:15-1:00

Friday, June 17th

  • Field Day, 9:00-10:30
  • Talent Show, 11:40– Dismissal

Cafeteria training for Kinders by 4th Graders

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Today our fourth graders did a wonderful job of teaching our kindergarten students the rules and procedures for eating lunch in the cafeteria. The buddy training went very smooth and our kinders got a head start for using the cafeteria next years as first graders.

EYST/STEM meeting

stemPlease join parents and staff for the next EYST meeting, Tuesday, May 13th, 3:30 PM. During this meeting there will be a presentation by the teachers about the direction of our STEM-focused instruction. This presentation will show ways that parents can support this learning.  Refreshments will be served. Free childcare available.

Sherwood Earthquake Seismic Recording

Shown above seismic data from the 3.5 magnitude  earthquake NW of Sherwood recorded on this evening at 8:33 pm. Ewing Young is one of several schools in the Northwest which are equipped with seismic recording equipment. Our school became a data site in the late 1990’s through the University of Washington.  The link to the site is-


Meet the Harmonica Man

Great video segment showing how one person and music can make a huge impact in the lives of elementary kids.

Ewing Young Day!

Photo credit : Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

Photo credit : Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

February 9 of each year is known as Ewing Young Day, to commemorate Ewing Young’s contribution to the formation of Oregons provisional government and aid to the settlers of the Willamette Valley. We will be celebrating Ewing Young day on February 8th at the beginning of the school day. Dignitaries have been invited and cupcakes will be served to EY students. All children are encouraged to wear EY spirit wear or dress as a pioneer.