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OAKS Math Testing

oakNext week we will begin our OAKS math testing. To help be prepared for the assessment, it is important that your child gets a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. If you would like to see what the test looks like and talk to your child about the test, please visit


Evers Homeroom, April 7-8 afternoon

Reed Homeroom, April 9-10 afternoon


Poolside Perimeter and Area

anderson2EY Parent, Brody Anderson, was a guest speaker and teacher in our 4th grade math class today. He shared how he uses math skills such as area and perimeter in his swimming pool construction business, Anderson Poolworks. Students had the opportunity to calculate the area and perimeter of different swimming pool designs including one of their own. Our kids were fascinated and had many questions involving how math is used in pool construction. Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for taking time to meet with us today.

Color Tiles site

This site with manipulative tiles may be helpful this evening for our 4th grade math assignment today. We’re working on rectangular arrays, dimensions, factors and arrays today in preparation for larger multiplication and area models.

Math Fact Practice

math02Math fact mastery is essential for success with mathematics in the intermediate grades. Students can practice math facts in a number of ways.

  • flashcards
  • oral practice (ie- on the way to soccer practice)
  • Moby Math (if students can remember their logins from last year)
  • Free online websites (see 4/5 links tab)
  • Apps (see Classroom iPad Apps tab)


So, take a few minutes each day and practice your facts. You will be pleased with your progress and how much it will help you in 4/5!

Students! Participate in our survey!

Scale Drawings

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At the end of each school year, our students combine several of the math skills they have learned over the course of year to produce scale drawings of cartoon characters. Students measure and draw 1.5″ x 1.5″ or 2″ x 2″ grids on 36″ x 36″ butcher paper. Then they draw and later color the character to scale using a photocopy of the character on 8″ x 11″ paper.

24 Competition

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The Ewing Young contingent to the 24 competition was smaller than it has been for many years, but as always, they represented our school well! The 4th grade team was made up of Joy, Alina,  Abbey, and Paige. Six boys made up the 5th grade team: Brock, Hunter, Brogan, Taylor , Weston and Alex.  Each of these players participated in 3 rounds and scored many points. Quarterfinals are the top 16 from each grade level. Here the competition changes and students may have to make totals  of any number 0-48. Paige and Abbey qualified for 4th grade quarterfinals! At the 5th grade level Brock, Hunter, Brogan, Taylor and Weston all advanced. From the quarterfinals, the top two competitors at each table advance to the Semifinals. EY had four of the top eight 5th graders: Brock, Hunter, Brogan, and  Weston. Both Hunter and Brogan advanced to the Final Four with Brogan capturing 4th place and Hunter placing 1st! All ten students exhibited good sportsmanship and worked hard today.

Multiplication, Volume, and Angles, oh my!

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We’ve hit the ground running in our math classes after winter break. Our fourth graders are building upon their multiplication skills and area concepts and are now learning 2×2 digit multiplication from both the algorithmic and conceptual perspective. Our students will apply this learning to more complex area and perimeter problems as well as with problem solving skills.

In our fifth grade classes, Mrs. Reed’s class is applying their area, perimeter, and multiplication skills toward their understanding of surface area and volume. Instruction includes a lot of hands-on learning to best understand the concepts and will include a box measuring project next week. Fifth graders, Remember to bring your boxes by Friday!

In Mrs. Reohr’s class, her students will be participating in hands-on learning and the protractors will be out in full force as her students work with measuring angles and triangles.

iPads and Math

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Our iPad pilot is coming along well with both students and teachers learning something new all the time. In our 4th grade math class we have been studying area and perimeter models and problems. We are using the Geoboard app by the Math Learning Center. The pictures above show students using the Geoboard app. We have also begun using an app titled Splash Math. This app provides skill reinforcement for all areas we study in 4th grade math with many practice modules and some on screen worksheets. Student results on the practice modules and worksheets is emailed to the teacher.

Family Math Night

Mudpuddles Toys and Books will be hosting Family Math Night at EY on Friday, November 9th, 6pm – 8pm. Join in on the fun with a night of exciting math games. . There will be a $20 Mudpuddles gift card for the teacher with the most student attendance at the event. EYST will get 20% of the sales from that evening to spend on educational games for the classroom.