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Math Problem Solvers

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Problem solving is a big part of our math curriculum. Each week our students engage in multi-step problem solving applying skills they have learned throughout the year. The emphasis is on persevering on a problem, being precise, and communicating understanding.

Hands-on Math Vocabulary

One of our school improvement goals is to emphasize vocabulary at a deeper level in all content areas. In our fourth grade math class, Dr. Mears has been working with our students twice a week in understanding math vocabulary words using a variety of methods. This week our students engaged in a hands-on approach to model 4th grade vocabulary such as patterns, place value, factors, equal, product multiples, expressions and equations.

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Fraction Recipe Calculation Narrative Slideshows

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.46.57 AMEarlier this spring, students in this 4th grade math group applied their skills in fraction computation to double, triple and quadruple recipes for larger groups of people. Click here to see their work!

2014 “24” Competition

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On Saturday we had 10 of our EY students spend their morning at the 24 competition: 

4th graders: John, Lucas, & Rylan
5th graders: Emanuel, Joy, Mia, Abbey, Paige, Shelby, & Jesse
About 110 students were registered for the event. Each student played 3 rounds and did quite well. At the end of three rounds the top 16 at each grade level continued on. In the Quarterfinals EY was represented by:
4th graders: Lucas & Rylan
5th graders: Mia, Abbey, Paige, & Shelby
From there, the top 8 advanced. Our Semifinalists were:
4th grade: Rylan
5th grade: Mia & Abbey
Then the top 4 at each grade level competed for the championship.
Congratulations to 2nd place finisher Rylan Sattler!

As always, the EY students showed good sportsmanship at all times and supported their teammates as they advanced. Andy Byerley made a special effort to compliment the EY students’ sportsmanship to me after the event. Way to go EY Mathletes!
A big “Thank you” to Mr. Milner & Mrs. Mitchell for their work on shirts for the team.

OAKS Math Testing

oakNext week we will begin our OAKS math testing. To help be prepared for the assessment, it is important that your child gets a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. If you would like to see what the test looks like and talk to your child about the test, please visit


Evers Homeroom, April 7-8 afternoon

Reed Homeroom, April 9-10 afternoon

Poolside Perimeter and Area

anderson2EY Parent, Brody Anderson, was a guest speaker and teacher in our 4th grade math class today. He shared how he uses math skills such as area and perimeter in his swimming pool construction business, Anderson Poolworks. Students had the opportunity to calculate the area and perimeter of different swimming pool designs including one of their own. Our kids were fascinated and had many questions involving how math is used in pool construction. Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for taking time to meet with us today.

Color Tiles site

This site with manipulative tiles may be helpful this evening for our 4th grade math assignment today. We’re working on rectangular arrays, dimensions, factors and arrays today in preparation for larger multiplication and area models.