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Wavelengths of Learning

Our students have been learning about waves and incorporating words in their vocabularies such as crest, trough, wavelength, frequency, and amplitude, and they engaged in a few projects and simulations. We dove into the artistic side by learning about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and listening and analyzing the Gordon Lightfoot song’s lyrics. We then observed photos of powerful waves in the Great Lakes, known as Waves of November or November Witch Waves. Students applied their artistic skills to create chalk pastels of these powerful autumnal forces of nature.


CTE Day at NHS

On Friday, October 6th, our students got to see what STEAM options are available to them when they get to the high school. There were so many classes no group got to see every option: manufacturing, welding, robotics, CAD, CAM, cooking, music, art options, forestation projects, greenhouse horticulture, tiny house building, computer programming, FFA, and more. Our students came back excited about their future opportunities!

Whiteboard tables


Nike has generously made available a large amount of used furniture items to the Newberg School District. At Ewing Young we have recently benefited from their generosity. In the 4/5 grades we added some whiteboard tables to our classrooms to use for small group brainstorming and skill work. Show in this photo are students using the tables to solve math equations.

Tin Cans needed for STEAM project

tin can

We are in need of clean┬átin cans for an upcoming project involving our study of waves that we will be working on in a few weeks. So, if you have some soup-sized cans that you were planning on sending to the recycling facility, send them our way this time. We would really appreciate it. When we get what we need, we’ll send out an email. Thanks!


Story Mapping with Pixar Shorts

We have just concluded reading and writing narrative stories in our CKLA reading curriculum, and we have taken a few days to focus more on literary story elements by viewing Pixar movie shorts before moving on to our next CKLA unit. We have analyzed the movie shorts whole class, collaboratively, and individually. As you may have guessed based on the content, our kids have been very engaged in this study.



Potential vs Kinetic Energy

Here are a few more pics of students learning about potential and kinetic energy as well as how energy transfer works. Students engaged in a lab involving dropping different types of balls and recording data about their bounce heights. They also explored energy transfer by colliding marbles, and they explored energy concepts with rubber band cars.

Marble Collisons

Some days you wish every parent could see what is happening in their child’s classroom. Friday was that kind of day! Students were studying energy transfer: how a rolling marble transferred energy to a still marble on impact, and how the steepness of the incline affected that transfer. Every student was fully engaged. And then…after finishing, one group decided to try the same experiment but using a yardstick, thus changing the length of the inclined ramp. Other groups caught the vision, and suddenly my students became scientists excited to create their own experiments!

More Potential and Kinetic Energy

Testing rubber band powered vehicles on a carpeted floor. How does changing the amount of potential energy, change the amount of kinetic energy? How does today’s data compare to yesterday’s?

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Testing rubber band powered vehicles on a smooth floor. How does changing the amount of potential energy, change the amount of kinetic energy?

Spaghetti Engineering Challenge

The first day of the 2018-19 school year was exciting. Our STEAM challenge: Groups of 4 had 16 minutes, 20 spaghetti noodles, and 1 yard of masking tape to build a tower that would support a jumbo marshmallow on the top.