Monthly Archives: November 2019

Salmon Eggs are Hatching!

Some of classroom chinook salmon eggs are hatching in all three of our classroom incubators, and we expect the rest to follow very soon into the alevin stage. Our goal is to release our salmon in Hess Creek, where we held our outdoor school, sometime either mid December or the first full week of January. Stay tuned for more “development!”

To see a video clip of our eggs and newly-emerged alevins, click the following link. You will need a Facebook account and will need to join the Classroom Salmon and Trout Hatching group page.

Salmon Savvy School Board Presenters

A big thanks to Ethan, Sophia, Kannan, Austin, and Cecilia for their school board presentations about our recent outdoor school and salmon project! They did an outstanding job! We also presented the School Board one of our most recent canvas salmon block prints.

Salmon Season!

Our salmon eggs arrived yesterday and they are now acclimating to our classroom incubators, which will be their temporary homes for a few months. Each class incubator now contains between 180 and 220 eggs. The eggs are less developed than in past years, so our targeted release date range is the week before winter break at the earliest or the first week of January. Weather permitting, we plan to release our salmon in Hess Creek, the site of our recent outdoor school. Stay tuned for more “developments.”

Salmon Tile Art

One of our outdoor school stations focused heavily on the “A” in STEAM. The salmon tile art project started in class at EY where students traced nature-related designs on tiles. During the outdoor school session, they carved out portions of their tile to create a stamp that would later be used for printing. The day after outdoor school, Joel and Roxy Thomas worked with our students in small groups to use water-soluble ink to create a canvas print that depicts a salmon in with a state of Oregon outline. Just like a few years ago, the print turned out great. We plan to have at least one print available for our EY Auction this winter, so be looking for that!