Monthly Archives: October 2019

EY Outdoor Adventures Day 2

It was a tad bit warmer today and the focus was water. Students engaged in learning about hydrology, macro invertebrates, salmon anatomy, and water quality. A big thanks to Joel, Clyde, Roxy, and Susy for their expertise and instruction, George Fox University for allowing us to learn on their campus, and to all our chaperones!

EY Outdoor Adventures Day 1

Even though it was quite chilly and breezy, the sun was shining and our students received a healthy dose of outdoor learning at George Fox University’s campus canyon along Hess Creek. The focus today was on riparian zones, all the living things you can find along a stream bank and around rotten logs, an nature-related art project, and learning how to tie useful knots and some fishing rod casting practice. Tomorrow the focus is on water quality, hydrology, macro invertebrates, and salmon anatomy.

Space Lander Project

Our students were tasked with helping aliens (large marshmallows) land their spacecraft safely on Earth so they could share their amazing pizza recipe. The goal was for the aliens not to be ejected from their craft (small paper cup on an index card) from heights in multiples of one foot. Students were only allowed to engineer landing gear that focused on stability and shock absorption below the card using available materials. Later, the task was changed to eject the aliens because their evil plan was revealed, and doing so without their platform (index card) touching the Earth due to it being dangerous to the planet.

Early American Civilizations

Our 5th graders have been taking deep dives into learning about Early American Civilizations, namely the Aztec, Inca, and Maya cultures. Students are currently conducting research, writing explanatory paragraphs, and publishing Codex Books. Show in these photos, students are collaborating on inferential questions related to a text chapter’s “Big Idea.”

Insulated Cup Project

Students used their prior knowledge from previous experiments about energy transfer and insulators to engineer an efficient insulated hot beverage. Students tested their cups with warm water and monitored heat loss for a twenty-minute span and collected temperature data.

Solar Oven Testing

We used the last truly warm day this fall to test out the solar ovens. After 20 minutes in the sun, some of the temperature probes measured 160+ degrees inside! Thank you again, to Renee at Newberg’s Pizza Hut for donating the boxes students used to make their ovens.

Collecting Data with Solar Ovens

In September we constructed solar ovens that were put to use on a sunny day. A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Renee at Newberg’s Pizza Hut for donating the boxes for this project