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Cat Toy Engineering Project

How can we make a cat toy that is affordable, durable, and engaging?

This engineering project allows for a lot of…

Posted by Dawn Reed, Teacher on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Math Strategies

Our 4th grade students have been using growth mindset skills and have been working hard on using multiple strategies for solving problems. Presently they have been creating models to solve multiplication problems and using those skills to apply to finding area.

EY Poets

Our 4th and 5th graders are diving deep into a wide array of poetry ranging from poems dating back to the eighteenth century to more contemporary works. Students are analyzing poems for meaning and structure, and they are using what they learn to write their own poetry.

Oil Spill Engineering Final Simulation

We concluded our Oil Spill Engineering unit last week with a final simulation.  Earlier, students worked in groups to experiment with a variety of materials to clean a spill. The task involved creating a plan to efficiently clean a simulated oil spill without exceeding budgetary constraints. Later, students had the opportunity reflect on how they would improve their designs.

Oil Spill Engineering Project

During the last couple of weeks our STEAM attention has been on examining how humans can impact an ecosystem. Last week…

Posted by Dawn Reed, Teacher on Monday, November 12, 2018

Mars InSight Lander

Tense moments as our students and NASA wait for the signal from the Mars InSight lander to see if it safely landed on the red planet. Its was a wonderfully-timed great live learning experience!
Mars Insight

Wavelengths of Learning

Our students have been learning about waves and incorporating words in their vocabularies such as crest, trough, wavelength, frequency, and amplitude, and they engaged in a few projects and simulations. We dove into the artistic side by learning about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and listening and analyzing the Gordon Lightfoot song’s lyrics. We then observed photos of powerful waves in the Great Lakes, known as Waves of November or November Witch Waves. Students applied their artistic skills to create chalk pastels of these powerful autumnal forces of nature.

CTE Day at NHS

On Friday, October 6th, our students got to see what STEAM options are available to them when they get to the high school. There were so many classes no group got to see every option: manufacturing, welding, robotics, CAD, CAM, cooking, music, art options, forestation projects, greenhouse horticulture, tiny house building, computer programming, FFA, and more. Our students came back excited about their future opportunities!

Whiteboard tables


Nike has generously made available a large amount of used furniture items to the Newberg School District. At Ewing Young we have recently benefited from their generosity. In the 4/5 grades we added some whiteboard tables to our classrooms to use for small group brainstorming and skill work. Show in this photo are students using the tables to solve math equations.