Monthly Archives: May 2018

Planetary Lander Project

Our students were tasked with using their engineering design skills to create a planetary lander using straws, index cards, and mini marshmallows to keep two marshmallow “aliens” inside a cup as it is dropped from heights of one and two feet. Students applied concepts of shock-absorption, drag, and stability to create and test designs.

Parachute Engineering

Our 4th and 5th graders continued their learning about the engineering design process, and using the engineering design steps to meet the following challenge: “Design a parachute to be packed in a spacecraft and used in an atmosphere that is thinner than Earth’s.” They tested variables involving suspension line length, canopy size, and canopy material, and how it all worked with creating enough drag to meet the constraints and criteria given.

Investigating Phenomena

Before Spring Break, our students investigated various scientific phenomena such as why water drops collect on a penny, how glow sticks work, and how capillary action works. Students also conducted and presented research on phenomena found in nature.