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NHS Robotics Team Visits EY

Yesterday four members of the high school robotics team, Drew, Brandon, Shane, and Trey (the latter three are former EY students) visited our classroom. They shared their robot, discussed the similarities and differences about their robot/programming and what the elementary students are doing, and then spent 45 minutes helping our students troubleshoot issues with their own robots. What a joy it is to remember the boys that they were, and to see the young men they have become!

“Can Do” Robotics Competition

2016-05-26 10.14.44Our 16th Annual Ewing Young Robotics Competition will take place on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 9:20 am in the EY Cafeteria. All are invited to to come cheer for our young engineers and celebrate their successes in:

  • critical thinking
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • creativity

Shakespeare in 5th grade

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Our fifth graders have been reading portions of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as part of our new language arts adoption this year.  This unit begins with a review of Shakespeare’s life, and it emphasizes how his plays were popular and written for everyone. Then, through some close reading, discussion, and a variety of language games, students have become more comfortable with Shakespeare’s language and with performing. The culmination of the unit will be to use a visual representation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to write their own story in dialogue, beginning with one of Shakespeare’s lines.

This week students analyzed lines from the play and created freeze frames, which incorporated character traits and actions.

Robotics and the “M” in STEM

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Our students have had a busy week with robotics. Aside from learning programming commands, they are getting a good work out with the “M” in STEM by recording data, learning about percentages, calculating averages, measuring metric distances, and graphing data. Students are also learning about collaboration skills as well as steps in problem solving through obstacles such as software issues and programming errors.

Next week students will begin exploring light sensors and they will be presented with a challenge project that will culminate with a competition on May 31st. More on that will be posted soon!

Eureka! Reading Quest

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In Eureka! Student Inventor the class became contestants on a reality game show. Lab teams worked together to conquer challenges focused on collaboration, researchknowledge, documentation, failure, and pitching a product. As part of the process, students had to research 8 inventors and their inventions, as well as learn about the invention process. Additionally they had to use their writing skills to persuade the network not to cancel the show mid-season. Judges Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Jacques Cousteau, and Hedy Lamarr presided over each episode giving advice to the student inventors. The grand finale required each student to discover a problem faced by people around them, invent something to solve that problem, and then give a sales pitch to the studio audience. Many inventions showed creativity and ingenuity, and many pitches were quite persuasive. When all elements were considered, however, Norris was named the Eureka! Student Inventor Champion!


5th Grade End-of-year Info

Dear Parents of EY 5th Graders-

The end of elementary school days is quickly coming to an end.  It is a sad time for parents and our staff, but I know the kids are talking more about this and getting both nervous, and a little excited.

Some dates to mark on your calendars and talk to your children about:
May 26- 4th/5th Music Performance @ 2:30- it will be the last one (unless they are in band or choir, so I hope you can make it!)
June 2 – 5th graders travel to CVMS for a building tour
June 16 – 5th grade promotional ceremony (2:00 pm)

We will be putting together a small social gathering following the promotional ceremony.  If you’d like to help out, please contact Sheri in the school office.  Finally, if your child is getting really nervous about the transition to middle school, can you let Mr. Milner know and he will contact CVMS staff, or Ms. Wilson for some additional support.

It’s Robotics Season Again!


2016-05-02 10.15.04It’s already that time of year! Students are building their training bots today and will start programming tasks this week and they will soon be exploring how to use light sensors.  Stay tuned for more updates!

2016 “24” Competition

Ewing Young was well represented by seven students at the district’s annual 24 math competition. Fourth graders Jonas, Norris, and Ty along with fifth graders, Emily, Gracie, Grant, and Ronak, joined over 80 other students from around the district. All students had to use their quick mental math skills to make four digits total 24. Ty, Emily, Grant, & Ronak all qualified for the quarter-finals, with Ty, Emily, and Ronak advancing to the semi-finals. Special congratulations go to Ty and Emily for placing 2nd in their respective grade levels!

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