Monthly Archives: April 2016

PSU Dryden Drop Tower Field Trip

Wow! Our students had a great time and learned so much on our field trip to Portland State University’s Dryden Drop Tower in the school’s engineering building. The purpose was for students to explore the effect of a weightless environment on various objects. Under the guidance of PSU professor Mark Weislogel and several of his students, our students designed experiments that were dropped from the Drop Tower and captured on video for analysis at a later date when the video files are compiled. Our students also received guided tours of the data center, International Space Station control center, and rocket lab. Thank you, Mark, for a great experience.!

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Designing Animal Membranes

Presently our students are investigating the guiding question-

“How do bioengineers use natural objects to inspire human-made technologies?”

More specifically, our students are problem solving ways to design artificial animal membranes in order for animals to survive when they are apart from their natural habitats. The first investigations focused on what membranes are and how they work. An upcoming project is for students to design, test, and improve an artificial membrane based on previous experience.

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Designing Parachutes

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During the month of February our students investigating the guiding question-

  • “How do the thickness of an atmosphere and the design of a parachute affect the speed of a falling parachute?”

Students used the engineering design process and worked in collaborative teams to create solutions and solve problems with parachute design.