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CVMS visit to EY

cvmsMrs. Petrie, Assistant Principal at Chehalem Valley Middle School, will visit EY 5th graders on Monday, March 7th to provide information about 6th grade electives, the AVID program, and middle school behavior. A parent night at CVMS will be announced soon so we’ll let you know when we know the official date.

5th Grade Blazers Game Outing

blazersAttention Parents of 5th graders

Here are some key details for the upcoming Blazers game on Sunday evening, February 21st.

Blazers vs Utah Jazz

Bus leaves Newberg High School at 4:00 pm (by the main gym)

Bus returns to Newberg High School around 9:30 pm (by the main gym)

Each Ewing Young student will be given a $10 voucher that they can use at the Moda Center concession stands. If they would like to bring additional money, parents can send this with them.

Volcano Wikis

mauna loaFourth graders have been reading about geology in our language arts class. One of the writing activities was to research one of three volcanoes (Tambora, Mauna Loa, or the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park). Students used information from their language arts textbook and at least one website to create a wiki entry. They learned to search for photos that are licensed for reuse and also reviewed citing sources. Using Google Docs, students typed up their wikis using fonts and formatting that would make the information easy to read. Not only did they learn about a volcano, they now have an entirely new appreciation for what goes into making the web pages that they visit to find information!

Click here to view the Volcano Wikis