Goodbye Salmon!

We had a very successful hatching and raising experience this year as a large percentage of our 1,000 eggs survived to the fry stage. As many of you know the recent flooding threw a curveball into our Willamette River release day plans and ultimately we had to cancel the classroom trip. While it was disappointing to all, our students were good sports as we explained that sometimes nature presents situations out of our control and we have to roll with it. Since we did not have access to any safe site on the Willamette, our biologist at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gave us permission to release our fish in nearby Chehalem Creek. Thanks to the Garstkas for allowing us to park in your driveway and providing safe access to the creek for release. While it was unceremonious in pouring rain today, Mrs. Reed, Mr. Milner, and Mr. Evers made sure the salmon made it safely in their new home. Who knows, maybe in four years a few salmon will make their way back up the Chehalem!

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  1. That Video is awesome! I’m so floored at the diligence and action that Mrs. Reed, Mr Evers, and Mr Milner, take to provide our children/student with. Giving our children opportunities and experiences that go way above and beyond the elementary school norm of today. Even just having this blog to see what our children are engaging in, is exciting and allows me to feel a part of. I am so blessed that Heidi is with adults and role models that adhere to this type of standard and performance. Thank you so much Mrs Reed, Mr Evers, and Mr. Milner, for everything that you do!

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