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“Pine Tree” videos

Fifth grade students worked very hard in their language arts classes on video projects based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Pine Tree.” The story is immersed with examples of personification, which is one of the elements of figurative language we have been learning about. Students also learned how to effectively use iMovie’s editing skills for effective presentations. Click the link below and you’ll be redirected to the students’ video projects.

Pine Tree Projects 2015




Goodbye Salmon!

We had a very successful hatching and raising experience this year as a large percentage of our 1,000 eggs survived to the fry stage. As many of you know the recent flooding threw a curveball into our Willamette River release day plans and ultimately we had to cancel the classroom trip. While it was disappointing to all, our students were good sports as we explained that sometimes nature presents situations out of our control and we have to roll with it. Since we did not have access to any safe site on the Willamette, our biologist at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gave us permission to release our fish in nearby Chehalem Creek. Thanks to the Garstkas for allowing us to park in your driveway and providing safe access to the creek for release. While it was unceremonious in pouring rain today, Mrs. Reed, Mr. Milner, and Mr. Evers made sure the salmon made it safely in their new home. Who knows, maybe in four years a few salmon will make their way back up the Chehalem!

Multimedia Literary Projects


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Our 4th and 5th grade students have been reading some classic holiday-related literature over the past few weeks.This week they are engaging in  multimedia projects as fifth graders are using iMovie to Create videos using author’s quotes to create a video retelling of the story “The Pine Tree” by Hans Christian Anderson.  Mrs. Reed’s fourth grade language arts class is reading “The Christmas Cuckoo” by Frances Brown and creating Google slideshows that center around one of the themes of the story.

Fry Time!

Our little red eggs have now grown to the fry stage, and they are eagerly anticipating release day next week. They are also quite grateful that release day was not this week during all the extreme flooding.

Learning about Stream Restoration

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Today we were privileged to have Jeff Fisher, a habitat monitoring coordinator from the Freshwater Trust in Portland, visit with our classes about stream habitat and restoration. His visit was made possible through the Oregon Connections site, which helps connects STEM industry professionals with K-12 schools. This is an area we have wished to tie together with our salmon and trout hatching programs for quite some time. Jeff shared many of his experiences in stream restoration and provided some great insight for students in how their current learning could lead to careers involving fish habitat, stream restoration, river engineering or a number of other related occupations. Students also engaged in a river design activity. It was a great learning experience for our students and we hope to work with Jeff on other projects in the future.

Almost Fry!

Our salmon are entering the fry stage and are practicing their swimming skills. They are getting their fins in shape for release in the Willamette River in the next few weeks. Take a look at their progress in this video clip!