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Fall Conferences

Conferences are now being scheduled. Times are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are 15 minutes in length. Please contact Sheri in the office for immediate scheduling, or send Mrs. Reed or Mr. Evers via email and we will reply within the weekday for verification.

Conference Dates and Times are:

Wed, Oct 28th  4:00-8:00 pm

Thur Oct 29th, 8:00 – 4:00 pm

Saving Fred

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This week our students engaged in an engineering/problem solving experience, which included heavy doses of communication, collaboration, and creativity. The task was to save Fred (a gummy worm) who flipped his boat (an upside down plastic cup). Using only paper clips, students worked to place a life preserver (a life saver) on Fred, and return him to his uprighted boat.

Cool Reactions Lab

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Today our students learned about states of matter, and measured temperature change during a chemical reaction, which in this case was baking soda and vinegar. We were very impressed with how our students followed directions during the lab, and how hard they persevered during the lab write up that followed.

Insulated Cup Project

Our students were quite engaged with our Insulated Cup Project. After learning about conductors and insulators, student groups planned and designed insulated cups. Ice water was poured in each cup, and Vernier temperature probes were used to measure the liquid’s temperature for 20 minutes. The goal was to have the smallest difference between the beginning and ending temperatures as possible. Students then manipulated one variable and retested to see if there was any improvement in their designs.

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Science Inquiry with Temperature Probes

Our students engaged in an introduction to using Vernier Temperature Probes used for collecting and analyzing data. In the coming weeks students will using technology for science inquiry investigations and engineering projects.

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Story Retellings in Vocaroo

This week our students are reading some short stories in groups. They are creating audio recordings of their story retellings, summaries, and interviews using Vocaroo. Below is an audio summary of the true story, Bobble the Wonder Dog. After clicking on the link, you may need to click once more to begin the audio.
Audio recording >>

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