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Down and Back Robotics Challenge

Our final robotics challenge involved robotics teams using a touch sensor. Robots were programmed to travel a distance and touch a 2×4. When contact was made with the programmed touch sensor, the robot had to turn around and travel another distance to some cones. Sections of the 2×4 as well as the cones were worth various point values. Our students did a great job this year with their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and citizenship.

Today’s final results”
1st – Hunky Bow
2nd – Mr. Hippo
3rd – Blue Thistle

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Jet Boat Trip

The weather was perfect for being on the water today on our jet boat trip. Our students studied geography and bridge engineering this year, so along with our earlier bridge tour trip, this was a great reinforcement of what they learned. We also did many 360’s and took some healthy amounts of white water over the bow!

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…from a NXT robot’s perspective

This is what our robot’s see when they travel the line follower course.

Line Follower Challenge Results

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Today our students competed in the Line Follower Robotics Challenge. This was a particularly difficult challenge, and while all robots did not complete the course, each group has displayed excellent engineering and problem solving skills. We had several robots that completed the course in impressive times. The final results are as follows.

1st Place – Stewie (16.66 sec)

2nd Place- Dumbo (17.71 sec)

3rd Place – Alvin the Great (18.69 sec)

Healthy Living with Kelsey

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Kelsey Evers, a health educator at the Salem Hospital and daughter of Mr. Evers, was a guest presenter in our 4th and 5th grade reading classes today. Kelsey presented information and conducted activities that focused on the 5210 nutrition program, information the amount of sugar in foods, and the importance of exercise. Our recent Scholastic magazine issue focuses on sugar consumption and her presentation complements the article very well.

Robotics Line Follower Practice

Students are conducting test runs with their NXT robots for the upcoming Line Follower Challenge.This involves some careful manipulation of variables such as sensor settings, light sensor placement, speed, and and turning.

5th Grade Test Info and Reminder

For 5th Graders-

  • OAKS Science Test tomorrow (Tue)  10:45-12:15. It generally takes one class period.
  • CVMS Visit tomorrow (Tue), 1:20-2:20. Students must have a permission slip turned in to attend.