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Oregon National Primate Research Center (OHSU) Field Trip and Class Presentation

Used from Oregon Primate Research Center website.

Used from Oregon Primate Research Center website.

On Friday, May 22nd, our students will be taking a trip to the Oregon Primate Research Center, which is part of OHSU. Students will need to either bring a sack lunch with a disposable drink container, OR order a sack lunch through the cafeteria. A field trip permission slip was sent out with our students today. 

On Tuesday, May 12th we will have an interactive presentation with Diana Gordon, the Education Outreach Coordinator for the Research Center. She will give a 45 minute presentation helping students and any interested parents understand biomedical research: what it is, why we do it, and why we need to use animals. She will be presenting to Mr. Evers’ class at 1:30 pm and Mrs. Reed’s class at 2:20 pm.

For the field trip we will need several chaperones. If we have more people interested than we can take, parents will be chosen by lottery on May 7th. If you are interested in chaperoning, please fill out the section indicated on the field trip permission form, which was handed out to students today.


Portland Bridge Tour

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What an awesome tour of Portland’s bridges today! Thanks to our amazing tour guide, Nathan Hoover, our students took their knowledge of bridge design to a whole new level, and they came away with a wealth of history about Portland’s bridges. Among the highlights of this tour included an inside look at how ODOT’s highway cam system works and an inside and topside tour of the Morrison Bascule Bridge. This included an up-close and personal view of the draw bridge in action. Our students also took a stroll on the Broadway Bridge and put in a few miles in some interesting places along the Waterfront and the Union Station area.

Plant Package Design

For the past several weeks, our students have been studying package engineering, including the functions of a good package as well as the properties of packages. Students are now applying what they know about package engineering to design and create a plant package that will take into account the basic needs of a plant that will be transported. Our students are currently engaged in the “Create” stage. Next week we examine their constructions in the “Improve” stage. Thanks, too, for the many containers donated. They are being put to good use!

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