Bridge Engineering

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We have hit the ground running in the new year and are immersed now in a new STEM unit – Bridge Engineering. Over the next few weeks, students will build and study different bridge design. We are using a Vernier force sensor to measure the amount of force that can be applied to each bridge and collecting data. Writing and researching are integrated into this unit as well. Students are researching notable bridges from around the world for a future essay, and they are writing and diagramming in engineering journals. The culminating project will be to build a truss bridge made only out of construction paper and masking tape. Each bridge will also be tested with the force sensor. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Dwight Zirschky

    Amazing and exciting stuff. It is wonderful to see students so engaged in hands-on real science and math. Your students are so fortunate to have such innovative and dedicated teachers. Wish my grandchildren had such opportunities here in Tennessee. Keep up the good work and maybe other teachers and school districts around the country will follow your lead.

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