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NHS Boys Hoops Team at EY

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NHS coach, Mark Brown, and his boys basketball team visited EY today as part of their outreach to elementary students. Today, they worked with EY students in Mr. Sturdevant’s PE class on basketball skills. It’s great to have the team working with us! Thanks Coach Brown, Mr. Sturdevant, and the boys hoops team!

The trout eggs have arrived!

2015-01-28 13.07.04Our trout eggs have arrived for our classroom trout hatching program. Thanks to Mrs. Reed’s husband, Mr. Reed, for driving to the Clackamas ODFW office to pick them up. We will begin to observe their daily development, collect and record data, and learn about trout and their ecosystems in the coming week. In a month or so when they reach the fry stage, we will release them in a nearby private pond. Stay tuned for more “developments!”

Pine Tree Videos 2014


Our 5th grade reading group read an old tale by Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Pine Tree.” Students spent a over a week engaged in some in depth reading of the selection focusing on the evolving theme of story, character analysis, vocabulary, and story structure. The culminating activity was to create a video using iMovie on the iPads which represented the story that included free-use photos, story captions, and free-use music. Most of the projects are complete and posted. There are a few in the latter stages that will be posted when they are complete. Please take a few moments to view their work.

View Pine Tree Videos

Congratulations, Rylie!

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We are proud to announce that Rylie, a 5th grader in Mrs. Reed’s classroom, was awarded first place in writing contest sponsored by the Yamhill Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Over the winter break, she wrote an essay titled “A Child’s Journey through Ellis Island.” Riley placed a considerable amount of research into this essay and was required to cite her sources. She took first place in Yamhill County’s 5th grade level. She has been invited to an awards luncheon in the coming month.

Engineering and Writing

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Even though our students spend a lot of time engaged in hands-on STEM, they also apply what they learn in various forms of writing. During our bridge engineering unit, students respond to questions posed about their engineering experiences. Throughout the unit, students are gathering force data and are applying it in their written responses. In addition to writing, students also include detailed diagrams of the bridges they build.

Civil Engineer visits EY

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Mr. Barry Myers, a former EY parent and a civil engineer from Engineered Monitoring Solutions in Newberg, visited our intermediate classes to explain the process bridge strength testing yesterday. He started with a slideshow of different bridge types and how sensors are used to monitor and test bridge strength. Later, Mr. Myers provided time for some students to test the bridge sensors to learn how they work.

Math Problem Solvers

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Problem solving is a big part of our math curriculum. Each week our students engage in multi-step problem solving applying skills they have learned throughout the year. The emphasis is on persevering on a problem, being precise, and communicating understanding.

Bridge Research

Our students are hard at work researching various notable bridges from around the world. They will use this information for a compare/contrast essay in the next few weeks. They are using the PBS Building Big website as a resource for this unit of study.

Bridge Engineering

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We have hit the ground running in the new year and are immersed now in a new STEM unit – Bridge Engineering. Over the next few weeks, students will build and study different bridge design. We are using a Vernier force sensor to measure the amount of force that can be applied to each bridge and collecting data. Writing and researching are integrated into this unit as well. Students are researching notable bridges from around the world for a future essay, and they are writing and diagramming in engineering journals. The culminating project will be to build a truss bridge made only out of construction paper and masking tape. Each bridge will also be tested with the force sensor. Stay tuned for more!