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US Regions Slideshows


Better late than never. Our students’ US Regions slideshows are not ready for viewing. Students created the slideshows on ipads using the app Haiku Deck after conducting research about the regions of the U.S. Click the link below to see their work.

US Region Slideshows


National Inspirer

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This software program is an oldy but a goody. Using just one computer per classroom, students are given a state of origin, two resources, and an ending destination requirement. Using this information, student groups plot a ten-state course through adjacent states, all the while trying to travel through as many states which possess the sought-after resources. The process repeats over seven rounds. Throughout the activity, students must be good collaborators, communicators, and problem solvers as they must use multiple maps to make their decisions.

Colonial Battles Simulation

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Yet another simulation our students engaged in was one focused on colonial battles. Students played the roles of British and Colonial soldiers and participated in seven battles designed so that students would understand the details about each battle and an overall perspective of the Revolutionary War.

The King’s M&M’s

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Recently our students learned about Britain’s taxation of the Colonists by participating in a simulation titled “The King’s M&M’s.” Most students assumed the roles of colonists while a few played the roles of the King, Parliament, and the tax collectors. Students felt the effects of colonial taxation first hand as they were taxed for various reasons and had to pay with their M&M’s.

Jamestown Simulation

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Students in 4/5 became colonists at Jamestown. They had five days in which to build settlements and to complete necessary tasks such as farming, hunting, well digging, and exploring. Our students quickly discovered that there was not enough time, and they found the same stress that colonists experienced long ago. We will be continuing more simulations centered around colonizations and the American Revolution.