Monthly Archives: October 2014

Terrific Kid Award


Congratulations to Calle, a fourth grader in Mrs. Reed’s homeroom class! She was awarded the Kiwanis Terrific Kid Award in October. Calle was recognized for her excellent work ethic and responsibility not only this year, but over the past three years.

Erosion and Watersheds

Shown here are some pics and video of our watershed and erosion activity. Students created topographical maps and use brown/black markers to indicate areas where rock and soil would be located. They used blue markers to indicate areas where water would flow to create watersheds. Teachers sprayed the maps to test the results.

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Erosion Lab

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Students engaged in a group activity to learn how the process of erosion works. Groups generated a hypothesis, carried out the investigation, recorded observations, and responded to application questions during and after the activity. This lab and subsequent labs will help develop a foundation for understanding for our upcoming oil spill project.

STEM Geology and Oil Spill Project

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Our 4th and 5th graders are beginning a unit focusing on the study of geology that will lead into a Engineering is Elementary unit on Oil Spill Cleanup. After learning about geology basics, students participated in a group activity which focused discussion and listing ideas around the following questions:

  • What causes change (nonliving) on the Earth’s landscape?
  • How do these changes affect people?
  • What are some solution to these problems to help people?

Stay tuned. More pics and info will be forthcoming about this unit.

Close Reading about Sharks

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We have been infusing STEM in our language arts classes. Our fourth and fifth grade reading classes have been reading about great white shark population recovery in a Weekly Reader edition and a related National Geographic article. Students have been analyzing the vocabulary words of the National Geographic article as well as analyzing the similarities and differences between the two articles. Students will be using the OCEARCH website, which was mentioned in the Weekly Reader, and using it to collect data and track shark migration.

Constitution Preamble Projects

Constitution_We_the_People Recently, our 4/5 students learned about the Preamble of the Constitution and demonstrated their learning in groups by constructing slideshows on the iPad using the app, Haiku Deck. Click on the link below to view their work!