2014 “24” Competition

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On Saturday we had 10 of our EY students spend their morning at the 24 competition: 

4th graders: John, Lucas, & Rylan
5th graders: Emanuel, Joy, Mia, Abbey, Paige, Shelby, & Jesse
About 110 students were registered for the event. Each student played 3 rounds and did quite well. At the end of three rounds the top 16 at each grade level continued on. In the Quarterfinals EY was represented by:
4th graders: Lucas & Rylan
5th graders: Mia, Abbey, Paige, & Shelby
From there, the top 8 advanced. Our Semifinalists were:
4th grade: Rylan
5th grade: Mia & Abbey
Then the top 4 at each grade level competed for the championship.
Congratulations to 2nd place finisher Rylan Sattler!

As always, the EY students showed good sportsmanship at all times and supported their teammates as they advanced. Andy Byerley made a special effort to compliment the EY students’ sportsmanship to me after the event. Way to go EY Mathletes!
A big “Thank you” to Mr. Milner & Mrs. Mitchell for their work on shirts for the team.

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