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2014 “24” Competition

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On Saturday we had 10 of our EY students spend their morning at the 24 competition: 

4th graders: John, Lucas, & Rylan
5th graders: Emanuel, Joy, Mia, Abbey, Paige, Shelby, & Jesse
About 110 students were registered for the event. Each student played 3 rounds and did quite well. At the end of three rounds the top 16 at each grade level continued on. In the Quarterfinals EY was represented by:
4th graders: Lucas & Rylan
5th graders: Mia, Abbey, Paige, & Shelby
From there, the top 8 advanced. Our Semifinalists were:
4th grade: Rylan
5th grade: Mia & Abbey
Then the top 4 at each grade level competed for the championship.
Congratulations to 2nd place finisher Rylan Sattler!

As always, the EY students showed good sportsmanship at all times and supported their teammates as they advanced. Andy Byerley made a special effort to compliment the EY students’ sportsmanship to me after the event. Way to go EY Mathletes!
A big “Thank you” to Mr. Milner & Mrs. Mitchell for their work on shirts for the team.

STEM- Designing Parachutes!

Our 4th and 5th graders are learning about the engineering design process, and using the engineering design steps to meet the following challenge: “Design a parachute to be packed in a spacecraft and used in an atmosphere that is thinner than Earth’s.” This STEM unit from the Engineering is Elementary program is new to the intermediate level and was purchased with EYST funds.

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Sherwood Earthquake Seismic Recording

Shown above seismic data from the 3.5 magnitude  earthquake NW of Sherwood recorded on this evening at 8:33 pm. Ewing Young is one of several schools in the Northwest which are equipped with seismic recording equipment. Our school became a data site in the late 1990’s through the University of Washington.  The link to the site is-


Close Reading Strategies

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EY teachers have been implementing the new Common Core standards in reading this year by teaching close reading strategies. Students engaged in these strategies can often be observed reading for deeper meaning, searching for evidence to back up their claims, and comparing and contrasting with other related texts. Over the past few days our graduate-level student teacher from George Fox, Miss Heselwood, led our 5th graders through reading two texts, one from a Weekly Reader edition and the other from a National Geographic for Kids article, about the national decline in honeybee populations. Students worked in teams to find five reasons for their decline using the Weekly Reader article. On the second day, they used both articles for comparing and contrasting information. They created Venn Diagrams and compared and contrasted information they learned from the articles about the bee population decline. To conclude, each team presented what they learned.

Spring Conferences

announcement_clip_artSpring conferences will be held on Thursday, April 17th from 12:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Please contact Mrs. Dukes in the office (503.554.4750) to make an appointment. Thanks.

OAKS Math Testing

oakNext week we will begin our OAKS math testing. To help be prepared for the assessment, it is important that your child gets a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. If you would like to see what the test looks like and talk to your child about the test, please visit


Evers Homeroom, April 7-8 afternoon

Reed Homeroom, April 9-10 afternoon